Are you ready for a love affair with spicy food?

Welcome to the enticing world of herbs and spices! If you are fanatical about spicy food then this is perfect for you. We are dedicated to enjoying, celebrating and exploring spicy food from around the world.

We will show you how to add more flavour to your cooking and liven up your meals, with just a few simple changes. And you will discover how herbs, spices and chillies bring out the best in foods and turn an ordinary recipe into a culinary delight.

But this is not just about hot, fiery foods, although they do have their cherished place here! We will also look at foods that tantalise the tastebuds, without the burn - from aromatic spiced teas to sweet apple pie. Food that all your family can enjoy, whatever their tolerance level!!

There is a huge variety of herbs and spices from which to choose and with the help of good supermarkets and suppliers, we are almost spoilt for choice. But never fear, lovespicyfood will take you all the way through, from which one to use, how to store it and then to the right cooking techniques. A step-by-step guide to the world of spicy food.

But don't worry, this is not a campaign to convert you to eating nothing but spicy foods (although global domination could be fun :-) ). We just want to open your eyes to the possibilities and benefits, not to mention the sheer joy of it! Come with us and experience this exhilarating, delicious and oh-so-divine world.


A selection of chilli peppers

Our 'Hottest' Guide to Chillies

What's the first thing you think of when we say spicy food? It's chillies, isn't it.

Getting started

treating chilli with caution

Hot and spicy food - where do we start?

If you're here, then you must want to learn more about hot and spicy food.



Cooking herbs from around the world

Let's not forget too that cooking herbs have a major role to play in spicy food, so it's not just about the chillies and spices.



Cooking spices from around the world

Of all the words related to spicy food, 'spices' for me conjures up images of crowded markets, heavy with the scent of rich, aromatic cooking spices and emblazoned with bright and warm colours. And really they don't disappoint!

Spice mixes

spice mixes

Time to shake things up with our spice mixes

Not only can herbs, spices and chillies be savoured individually but when combined, these fabulous ingredients can create some of the most delicious tastes on earth!



Spicy food recipes of all descriptions

Mexican recipes, barbecue sauce recipes, curry recipes,... spicy food recipes of all descriptions! Now this is where the fun really begins as you put into practice all that you have learnt about spicy food and cooking

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