Our Favourite Things

During the course of our spicy food journey, we have moved from simply eating and enjoying through to preparing and cooking some of our favourite dishes. And to achieve this we have had to acquire new skills and techniques plus stock our kitchen with the necessary equipment. So we have put together some lists of our favourite things - items we use regularly, items we find useful, items we adore or simply covet. Throughout this spicy food site we have already mentioned some of these but below are links to more of the books and equipment which we find indispensable. This is not however complete as our lists are ever-growing, expanding and being refined to suit our needs and tastes, but we think it's a good place to start :-)

Spicy food cookbooks

Spicy food equipment

In addition to this, please see our Suppliers list, a guide to where to find all of the items we have mentioned above and throughout the site.