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Hot and spicy food - where do we start?

If you're here, then you must want to learn more about hot and spicy food! Gone are the days when spicy eating meant exotic foods. Thankfully we have become so used to not only less bland food but also more international cuisine.

Hot and spicy foods are already eaten by a vast number of people around the world and it is not a stretch to say that there isn't a single cuisine which doesn't use herbs and spices in one form or another. And who can blame them? Those heady fragrant aromas of spices, the lively tastes on your palette, that warm, tingling sensation that seems to run through your body and not just your mouth......mmmm, mouthwateringly good!!!

But spicy food does not necessarily mean it should be peppery hot, although they do often occur together. Dishes can be as delicately or heavily spiced as you wish. In the lovespicyfood family, our background and cultures are varied, as are our tolerances for hot and spicy food! So we try very hard to get the balance right, as it will mean the difference between spicy and spiced food.


Here are some random spicy food facts:

Most people confuse spicy food with hot food.

Spicy food definitions have you in a pickle? Then you'll relish our handy guide :-)

Let's run through some of the common definitions you will encounter when dealing with spicy foods.

One obvious item may immediately come to mind but

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