Spicy food recipes of all descriptions

Mexican recipes, barbecue sauce recipes, curry recipes,... spicy food recipes of all descriptions! Now this is where the fun really begins as you put into practice all that you have learnt about spicy food and cooking.

These spicy food recipes have been grouped according to how you might need to search for them, so for example by Cuisine, if it’s Food or Drink, a Paste or Marinade or perhaps if you’re looking for a special Thanksgiving recipe. They will include everything from savoury to sweet, starters to snacks and mildly spiced to scorchingly hot!

Our inspiration comes from a wide variety of backgrounds but is usually based around food we’ve eaten on our travels, seen on television cookery programmes or read about in our ever-growing pile of cookery books. See 'Favourite Things'

With recipes, there are generally two schools of thought: one where a recipe must be followed to the letter and the other which sees a recipe as merely a guide to the dish - to give you the basics but can also be tweaked and adapted according to your individual tastes.

At, we believe both views are relevant, it just depends on how you like to do things! Newbies may want to follow a recipe exactly, to get a feel for the dish, before they begin experimenting with it. Some techniques however, particularly in baking, require a more precise approach and so we follow these as close to the recipe as possible. So with this in mind, feel free to adopt whichever method for the spicy food recipes in this section - just be prepared for an exciting ride, sometimes with disastrous, inedible results but hopefully more often than not, with some fabulously tasty and enjoyable treats!

So let’s kick things off with a few of our favourites:

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